Guangzhou Haohai Biotechnology Co.Ltd
Name:Guangzhou Haohai Biotechnology Co.Ltd
About Us
Established in 2007 by four masters of SCAU .Guangzhou Haohai Biotechnology Co.Ltd (former Guangzhou Haohai Trading Company Limited)is a comprehensive company that specialized in the design 、development and trade of food seasoning、food preservative、antioxidant、rice & flour product improver and food ingredient etc. We have been cooperating with SCAU to solve various technical difficult problems Now, we have developed a series of ‘Haohaikangwei” rice&noodle&soup seasonings 、rice wine preservative、sauces antioxidants and flour gluten fortifier which have solved various technical difficult problems in food production process for our customers . In additional, Our company are concentrating on the trade of food ingredient, such as Amnio acid、Vitamin、Fruit powder、Plant extract 、..
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